Upcoming events

Committee Meetings

Annual General Meeting – Thursday 4th November at 5pm.

Committee Meeting – Tuesday 1st March at 5pm

Committee Meeting – Monday 13th June at 5pm

Hot Chocolate and Cake Sales

The very popular hot chocolate and cake sales are back.

Thursday 21st October

Friday 12th November – Apple Tree

Friday 26th November – Guava Tree

Friday 10th December – Acer Tree

Friday 7th January – Banana Tree

Friday 21st January – Mango Tree

Friday 4th February – Bay Tree

Friday 18th February – Lemon Tree

Friday 11th March – Lime Tree

Friday 25th March – Cherry Tree

Friday 29th April – Chestnut Tree

Friday 13th May – Oak Tree

Friday 20th May – Yew Tree


FRIENDS OF BANNERMAN ROAD Meetings and Events Calendar