09-06-17 – PTA supports Sustrans’ bid for Environmental Improvement to Public Realm grant

Sustrans submitted the bid on 8 June 2017, which includes the Graham Road / Normanby Road junction. The junction is a busy area with one of the main gates to the school situated by the junction. Parents and their children walking to and from school walking from all directions enter through this gate. Likewise, cars travel from all directions making this a confusing and dangerous junction. The grant would improve this situation and improve the quality of the public realm whether it be by making the pavements wider or resurfacing the entire junction with a raised table, or by installing less invasive traffic calming measures such as planters, street art, benches or prominent bollards, etc. The school has also provided a letter of support for the bid submission.

We will keep you updated on whether Sustrans is successful and if so what improvements we can look forward to.

(If you are interested in road safety around the school and within Easton check out the current plans by the Easton Safer Streets project – https://travelwest.info/projects/cycle-ambition-fund/bristol/easton-safer-streets)